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Featuring four of the UK’s most extraordinary improvisers, Total Vibration is a double-trumpet super group with members from acclaimed bands such as Loose Tubes, Polar Bear and Dinosaur. Channeling the free spirit of jazz musicians such as Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus and Geri Allen, this group are equally at home playing free music as they are weaving their way through tighter structures and grooves. Total Vibration are: Laura Jurd (trumpet), Chris Batchelor (trumpet), Tom Herbert (bass), Corrie Dick (drums).

Just as the decorations hit the stores, join us as we present an interactive Christmas day experience! Join in with the excitement of ‘the presents’, the traditional poultry and trimmings, plus the obligatory board game and familial meltdown. Please feel free to bring your OWN Xmas day to the event!

Squib-Box is an artist collective and netlabel dedicated to the production and dissemination of radical (in a ninja turtle sense) and avant-garde music, regardless of its genre. It was founded in 2010 by Federico Reuben, Adam de la Cour and Neil Luck.

Some clips:
Squib-box and CRAM present Baggage:

Free from scores. Free from constraint. Free to do what they like. A stellar lineup of women improvisers has joined forces and will perform for the first time at Free Range. For this special event, they will be reacting to the Feminist Improvising Group’s recording from the album Another Evening at Logos 1974 79 81. Expect the unpredictable.

The phrase ‘talking about music is like dancing about architecture’ has been attributed to many people and is usually used to suggest that trying to translate the experience of music into words is futile. But this is not true. Talking is an essential part of music’s field of meaning. Words construct reality as much as they reflect it and with this in mind the quote can reveal another meaning: talking about music, like dancing about architecture, is a creative act that enriches the field of meaning around the art-form by connecting it to the social, cultural, political, spiritual and historical contexts of which it is a part.

This part of the evening will consist of short (5min) talks about music that people feel strongly about followed by an opportunity to listen to recordings (or performances) of this music.
Please contact if you would like to take part, everyone is welcome.

Lek & the Dogs is a ground-breaking crossover between narrative film and contemporary art piece from experimental artist and auteur Andrew Kötting. Based on the award-winning play by Hattie Naylor, the film is inspired by the true story of Ivan Mishukov, who walked out of his apartment at the age of four and spent two years living on the streets of Moscow where he was adopted by a pack of wild dogs. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director.

“Full of moments of startling lyricism and originality.” The Independent

“A complex and intriguing collage of imagery and myth… Kötting will keep worming his way back into your imagination.” The Guardian

★★★★“Lek does not need comparisons, or classification: it can stand on its own as a unique achievement.” Filmuforia

★★★★“Andrew Kötting is cinema’s great vatic mystifier… You will be dazzled by the blitzkrieg of sound and imagery.”  Financial Times

Iris Colomb is an artist, poet, curator, and translator based in London. Throughout her practice she strives to create relationships between form and content, applying a design approach to poetic projects. She has given individual, collaborative and interactive performances at a range of venues in both London and France (including Tate Modern, The Royal Court, Chelsea College of Art, and Parasol Unit). Her poems have been published in Erotoplasty, Tentacular, Zarf, Pocket Litter, and Datableed.

Work8hop is a contemporary jazz octet featuring some of the finest player-composers in the South East of England. Founded in 2016 by saxophonist Matt Miles, the ensemble meets each month to ‘workshop’ each other’s pieces, experimenting with texture, instrumentation and harmony and offering vital feedback. A creative ecosystem like this­–happening outside of established institutions or markets and whose existence is based on a love of music, mutual respect and a shared believe that creativity matters–is an inspiration and a joy to present.

Workshop are: Matt Miles (tenor saxophone & bass clarinet), Sam Miles (alto & soprano saxophone), Daniel Cano (trumpet & flugelhorn), Geoff Mason (trombone), Paul Speare (baritone sax & flutes), Frances Knight (piano), Richard Bates (bass), Simon Whiting (drums).


Lapis Lazuli play psychedelic jazz rock with a restless, irreverent invention. Hailed by some as the current torchbearers of a resurgent Canterbury Sound (a term used by journalists in the 1970’s to describe a distinctive type of progressive rock), Lapis Lazuli have been described as ‘a power-driven quartet consisting of two guitars, bass and drums, producing intricate, funky compositions … [but] spikier, grungier and rarely staying in one spot long enough for the audience to settle in their groove’ (Facelift).

World Peng is a post apocalypse, cyberdelic raindance, a rare chance to meet the dreamer, the last chance to meet yourself. Sell your soul, buy a transit van and bring me that sunset!!

We sing the old songs with new words. World Peng are: Malanghi Arts, Stray Ghost, Ollie Genn-Bash, John Law, JuJu and Humble Pious.

Culture Device Dance Project is an innovative, experimental and cutting edge touring dance company for professional dancers with Down’s Syndrome. Recent Culture Device projects, Radical Beautyand Drag Syndrome, provocatively challenge conventions of beauty and gender. Similarly, the Dance Project recalibrates our ideas about bodies and movement through fiercely powerful choreography and music. Catch them before their three-month residency at the Royal Opera House.

‘revolutionising the definition of dance’ Schön magazine

Sam Bailey is an improviser, composer, teacher and curator. He is the founder-director of Free Range and will be playing short sets throughout the season. His playing is focused around refining and defining a series of semi-improvised pieces for amplified prepared piano that he has been developing through live performance for six years. This is an improvising musician slowly moving towards the working methods of a stand up comedian.

Gizem Okulu is a poet who has published poems in Datableedand IntercapillarySpace and is studying for a PhD at Royal Holloway. She lives in London. David Grundy co-runs the small press MATERIALS, and co-edits the poetry magazine Splinter. Other books of poetry are: Whatever You Think The Good Home(Punch Press, 2014), The Problem, The Questions, The Poem(Tipped Press, 2015) and To the Reader(Shit Valley, 2016).

UNITITLED is an extraordinary film that captures something of the serendipity and staggering diversity of life. The Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger died whilst shooting this film, leaving his longstanding collaborator and editor Monika Willi to create something out of footage shot over the course of 4 months and 19 days in the Balkans, Italy and North and West Africa. What emerged was a journey out into the world with open eyes and open mind – observing, listening, experiencing. Serendipity was the concept and the only rule to apply – in editing and creating the film just as it was in shooting it.

‘I want to give a view of the world that can only emerge by not pursuing any particular theme, by refraining from passing judgment, proceeding without aim. Drifting with no direction except one’s own curiosity and intuition’ (Michael Glawogger)

Winner of Best Documentary, Best Score, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing

(Austrian Film Awards 2018)

Mothers, daughters, grandmothers. She carries with her a tight bundle, so heavy it could pierce a hole through the Earth. So light she is afraid it might fly away. This is a string of puppet vignettes which explores relationships both archetypal and strange. Love, hate, jealousy, curiosity. What drives us? What keeps us together and what pulls us apart?

Kristin Fredricksson has performed, directed and made theatre projects for over 20 years across Europe. Her company, Beady Eye Theatre, previously toured Everything Must Go to the UK, Germany and Holland 2008-11, and Cooking Ghoststo the UK 2012-13. After a ‘break’ to bring a child and a PhD into the world, this new solo show, with support from the Arts Council, marks Fredricksson’s return to theatre-making.

Launched in February 2017, ‘broken folk’ duo LUNATRAKTORS (GB) fuse folk song with body percussion, harmonic singing, tap-dance and live looping. The project weaves traditional styles with influences from contemporary music and theatre, cabaret, queer culture and vaudeville. Inspired by minimalist and electronic music, punk and hip-hop, clowning and live art, LUNATRAKTORS strip folk back to its raw elements to discover complex, polyrhythmic landscapes of Irish, English and Australian heritage. They unearth stories of bravery in the face of personal hardship, forced migration, political unrest, abuse of authority, and institutional violence that find particular resonance today. Dark, playful folk beats to raise your spirits.



John-Paul Zaccarini is a renowned rope artist, actor, mime, director, professor of contemporary circus practice and inventor of Circoanalysis (a combination of psychoanalysis, therapy and circus performance). For this performance he will be performing a new piece devised in collaboration with sound artist and composer Peter Coyte, called Running Away from the Circusthat he describes as ‘a piece about the co-dependent relation between artist and public. It combines a memoir of what brought me to circus with direct address to the public I have been flirting with for twenty years, whom I now want to dump’.

‘part lecture, part circus, part poetry and part performance art, it was a witty, raw and carnivalesque hour … extremely powerful, brave and thought-provoking’

★★★★★Upper Circle Theatre


Dark Light is a collaborative film and performance by Mavernie Cunningham and Chris Hunt.  It was developed as a response to the poem Remembranceby Friedrich Hölderlin, and reflects on the underlying history of slavery that is concealed within the poem’s image of Bordeaux, a slave port until the 19th century.  It draws upon a cautionary children’s tale learned by Jamaican schoolchildren in the 1930s, the politics of black hair, an encounter between a teddy bear and a Jinn, and an ambiguous plinth/boat in which a black woman gradually whitens.

Lila Matsumoto is a poet whose publications include Urn & Drum(Shearsman, 2018), Soft Troika(If a Leaf Falls Press, 2016) and Allegories from my Kitchen(Sad Press, 2015). She teaches poetry at University of Nottingham and co-runs the poetry magazine Front Horse.

Shipwreckis a recording of a solo piano concert given by Sam Bailey in September 2016. Fragments of the performers creative past are washed up amidst tumultuous waves of sound that gradually subside, leaving a clearing in the creative present for fresh invention. Moments of rhythmic and melodic clarity, atmospheric digressions and climactic accumulations form this part-written, part-improvised performance for amplified prepared piano. The visual artist Donna Fitzgerald made a substantial amount of work in response to this recording, some of which will be shown at this event and will be available as part of the album’s packaging.

Three years ago, poet Ross Sutherland climbed into the bottom of his wardrobe in Peterborough to record the first ever episode of Imaginary Advice. Since then, the podcast has grown into one of the most popular storytelling podcasts in the UK. He’s still recording it in a wardrobe though. Ross has recorded love monologues at drum and bass raves, made cut-up poetry out of the Today Programme and cross-bred Jay-Z’s Black Album with the Tate Modern’s audioguide. For one night only, Ross will leave the safety of his wardrobe recording studio to present a special live edition of Imaginary Adviceat Free Range.

Winner of Best Fiction Podcast at the British Podcast Awards 2018

Dominic Lash is a polymath, equally at home playing with the world’s great free-improvisers (Evan Parker, Tony Conrad, Joe Morris), notating complex compositions and writing about poetry, film and music. This restless intellect is combined with a deep and quicksilver musical intuition that can be heard in the extraordinary music played by his quartet on this last date of their UK tour. Dominic Lash (double bass, compositions, arrangements), Javier Carmona (drums, percussion), Ricardo Tejero (reed instruments), Alex Ward (electric guitar, clarinet).

“Lash is a bassist and bandleader of distinction, and this album from his Anglo-Spanish quartet is one of his most impressive projects to date.” The Quietus

Saxophonist Evan Parker has been described as ‘the greatest living exponent of free jazz … if you’ve ever been tempted by free improvisation, Parker is your gateway drug’ (Stewart Lee, The Guardian). After seeing the Cecil Taylor trio live in New York in 1962, Evan Parker returned to England to become one of the key players in the development of European free improvisation, extending the approaches of free-jazz saxophonists like John Coltrane and Albert Ayler into the 21st century. This trio concert is part of the Wintersound festival (a collaboration between Free Range and Canterbury Christ Church University) and marks Evan’s 75th birthday.

Colours & Shapes: Portraits of Free Improvisersis a film by John Macedo that captures performances and interviews with the musicians John Edwards, Phil Minton and Steve Noble. This is a rare opportunity to hear the motivation and philosophy behind the sound of these unique performers. John Macedo is a sound artist and performer who has collaborated with a wide variety of performers and runs a monthly concert at Café Oto called SOLO:DUO:TRIO.

Formed in 2015, Montrose Composers’ Club comprises of local composer/performers Aidan Shepherd, Matthew Brown, Anna Braithwaite and Phil Self. Their eclectic careers have lent their writing flavours of folk, jazz, cabaret and electronics, allowing them to create genre-defying sounds for savvy ears. For this, their third visit to Free Range, they have joined forces with local video artist Matt Rowe to create a multimedia work. The MCC will also premiere a reduced version of their new collaboratively-written piece for orchestra.

Pianist Zubin Kanga performs newly commissioned works that expand the possibilities of the piano through electronics, film and magnets. This concert includes Alexander Schubert’s WIKI-PIANO.NET, a work featuring a website that allows the public to edit the score and multimedia parts, creating a constantly evolving work that explores internet culture. Visit the website to make your own edits before the performance. Scott McLaughlin uses super-charged e-bows and magnetic resonators to create otherworldly sounds from the piano. Finally, Adam de la Cour’s Transplant the Movie 2!: Operation ‘Re-Rise’ Dark Returntakes inspiration from 80s action and spy movies, as well as 80s video games, with a secret agent going undercover as a cocktail pianist to infiltrate an evil syndicate.

Am Horizont is a concert series run by the composer Sam Messer. Tonight they present a performance of Octetby Lawrence Crane. Crane has written of his work: “I use simple and basic musical objects; common chords and intervals, arpeggios, drones, cadences, fragments of scales and melodies. The materials may seem familiar – perhaps even rather ordinary – but my aim is to find a fresh beauty in these objects by placing them in new structural and formal contexts”.

Goodwin Sands Radiogram is a beautifully-crafted documentary podcast about the lives of people from the south east of the UK made by producer, composer and radio artist Ben Horner. The Goodwin Sands itself is a treacherous 10-mile-long sandbank that lies off the coastal town of Deal in the English Channel. More than 2,000 ships are thought to have been wrecked there over Deal’s 300-year history and boats continue to run aground on it to this day.


Returning to Free Range after 2018’s popular performance, the Goodwin Sands Radiogram is part ethnography and part radio art experiment. Last year’s event was an attempt to hand control of the musical elements of the podcast to musicians who were working only from a transcript-based score; this year it is intended to develop this idea further and for Ben to rescind even more power to the live performers as they use music to thread together new interviews, soundscapes and composed radio sound. Expect a curious, honest and funny celebration of place and people in all their idiosyncratic detail.

Miserichords are Mavernie Cunningham (voice), Will Glanfield (alto clarinet) and David Leahy (double bass). Formed in 2015, they have performed in a variety of settings including Turner Contemporary, Free Range City and Smuggler’s Festival. Miserichords allow their music and words to unfold through simple, unhurried explorations that have a sense of maturity and stillness. They explore possibilities within pure improvisation centred around their intuitive perception of space, beauty, words, meaning and silence. This event is the launch of their first album, Shapes, based around six poems inspired by the poetry of Maya Angelou.

Students from the School of Design at the University of the Creative Arts (UCA) take over the Free Range space, creating an immersive array of installations and performances. Illustrations from a children’s book about a trip to the moon are recreated with a live synthesizer soundtrack, alongside live drawing with improvising musicians, animation as scores for performance and audience-made hand-drawn films.

The podcast Canterbury San Frontiéres, in collaboration with Free Range, is proud to present a concert of extraordinary compositions by the bassoonist and composer Lindsey Cooper. Originally written for the experimental rock band, Henry Cow, these pieces have been transcribed and arranged by the composer and pianist Yumi Hara for a band that features several original band members. Lindsay Cooper was one of the very few female composers in the field of experimental rock. She also co-founded the Feminist Improvising Group in 1978. Opportunities to hear her work are extremely rare, especially played in the spirit in which it was written, by the musicians who originally recorded the music in 1970’s and 80’s: Yumi Hara (arrangement, piano, keyboard, harp, voice), Chris Cutler (drums), Dagmar Krause (voice), Chloe Herington (bassoon, soprano sax), John Greaves (bass, voice), Tim Hodgkinson (alto sax, clarinet).

“Her life was threaded through with political commitment and idealism – but her work was never didactic. She believed in the transcendental power of pure sound” Sally Potter

The Free Range Orchestra is a truly extraordinary community of musicians, dancers, poets and puppeteers. Join them for a celebratory evening of experimental, collaborative, participatory and cross-disciplinary performance.

Free Range is a charity based in Canterbury that presents an award-winning series of experimental music, film and poetry events with a policy of free-entry.

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